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First of all, thanks for the follow and subscribing to this space.  This website was created at the beginning of me sharing my tasks and I had no idea what I was doing which is why I needed 2 sites. One for blogging and one for sharing tasks.  Since then, I’ve continuously tried to improve the way I reflect and share tasks but I’m able to do it all from one site.


I know tasks from the gfletchy3act.wordpress.com are hyperlinked throughout the Internet so I won’t shut it completely down.  Just wanted you to know about the other site with more tasks in in case you missed it.

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Patient Problem Solving (Teaching without the Textbook)

Patient Problem Solving (3-Act) from Dan Meyer’s Sydney Session 11-07-2012

Thanks Dan for permission to share

 The Big Idea

  • Take away the text and incorporate as many senses as possible
  • Make it real life and let students see it happening
  • Students have ownership of the questions b/c they came up with it.
  • Remove the literacy challenge.
  • Students had to think of the important information


Act 1:

Pose the conflict and introduce the students to a scenario:

  • Teacher says “I’m going show you something I came across and I found it interesting.”
  • Teacher asked “What was the first question that came to mind?”
  • Students shared with each other first, and then class (T-P-S).
  • Teacher collected questions, ranked them by popularity, “How many hairs would you need?”
  • Teacher asked for a guess, think-pair-share.
  • Teacher asked for a number that was too high, too low.

Act 2:

Information, skills, resources to answer your big conflict from act one.

  • Teacher asked, “What information do you need to know to answer it?”


Act 3:

Star Wars — big planet blows up.

  • The answer is validated
  • Teacher found out who had the closest guess.
  • T compared techniques, figuring out which is most efficient.


Act 4 (The Sequel):

  • Teacher posed an extension problem.
  • “algebrafy” the problem


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